Taking Care of Yourself in Hot Yoga

After a bit of a hiatus (due to a month-long winter cold), I finally went back to hot yoga. This time, I had a really difficult time with the heat. I started feeling out of it, and had symptoms of heat exhaustion. My skin was tingling, but not in a good way. I stepped out of class and got a cold shower to reset my body temperature. My face was beet red before I finally cooled down.

No matter what they tell you - if you start to feel sick in hot yoga class, you need to leave the room and cool yourself down. Heat exhaustion can be very serious.

Zumba vs. Yoga: How Zumba Helps Yoga Burnout

I recently started taking Zumba dance classes as a cardio workout in addition to yoga. I have been enjoying them so much that I find myself more motivated to go to a Zumba class than a hatha yoga class lately. (Granted, given all the yoga training I've had, I can easily do a yoga sequence at home and that is often my preferred yoga unless I am doing hot yoga or Kundalini yoga.)

Yoga Retail Therapy

The commercialization of yoga is a double-edged sword, and it behooves us to remember that yoga is ultimately about spiritual growth, not being trendy or developing a hot "yoga butt." The yoga gurus who brought yoga to America practiced in loinclothes on woven blankets. They did not have fancy yoga mats, special moisture-wicking yoga clothes, or even yoga blocks. They did not have air conditioning - which is what inspired Bikram to create his "hot yoga," so that we could experience a more authentic yoga practice.

Argh...Cell Phones in Yoga Class!

I was taking a yoga class at the gym last weekend, and an older woman kept answering her phone during the class. And when I say "answer," I mean, she would actually answer the phone and talk while still on her yoga mat. Briefly, but enough. I got very fed up (especially because no-one around her was saying anything), and finally went over to tell her to go outside. Either she saw me or got the etheric hint (I wasn't sure), but - hurrah! - she finally stepped out of class to have her lengthy conversation.

The Folly of New Year's Yoga

I get why we tend to make "resolutions" at the start of each New Year, but I'm starting to think it's the worst time to actually make lasting changes in your life. To whit: I had a simple New Year's goal of simply going back to kundalini yoga classes on a regluar basis, and doing a hot yoga class once a week. We're two weeks into January and I've already failed. Why? Because when I got back from my holiday trip, I got sick (not surprising with all the stress - and germs! - of traveling). I've also been swamped trying to catch up on work that did not get completed prior to Christmas.

"I Can't Find Yoga Pants That Fit"

Probably one of the biggest and unrecognized complaints in yoga today is the issue of finding good-fitting yoga pants. I'm still in the process of reviewing various yoga pants for this website, and I'm finding much sympathy for women who are bigger than a size 2 (that includes me!). Not only do the sizes run towards the teeny weeny, it seems that yoga clothing manufacturers today make the mistaken assumption that those of us who do yoga all want our butt cracks to show.

Alec Baldwin Does Not Represent Yoga...Neither Does His Wife

For the life of me, I absolutely cannot fathom why the media gives Alec Baldwin a pass for his bullying. The audio of him bullying his own daughter over the telephone a few years ago was disturbing enough, and yet that didn't stop his career. Then, he allegedly called a black reporter a "coon" but that wasn't enough to get him fired.

Yoga in My Office Chair

I do a lot of work in front of the computer and I have to remind myself to do some yoga while working. It's easy to do some "chair yoga" while sitting at your desk. Sometimes it's as simple as doing a twist in the chair (I grab onto the arms of my office chair and turn to each side). I also stretch my back and shoulders as frequently as possible - especially because they tend to round forward when I am doing computer work. I also work on my wrists, especially because I have a bit of a repetitive stress injury in my right wrist.


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